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Children's Furniture
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Item No.£ºXT9-15
Description£º1 table and 1 chair
Item Size£ºtable 60x40x46cm
Item No.£ºXT9-20
Description£ºKids computer desk and chair set (K.D.)
Item Size£ºdesk 76(W) x 49 (D) x 82.5(H)cm chair 32(W) x 22.5(D) x39.5(H)cm
Item No.£ºXT9-21
Description£ºKids desk and chair set ( K. D.)
Item Size£ºdesk 63.5(W) x 43 (D) x 52(H)cm chair 30(W) x 26(D) x 50(H)cm
Item No.£ºXT9-22
Description£ºKids rocker ( K. D. )
Item Size£º43(W) x 52 (D) x 60(H)cm
Item No.£ºXT9-23
Description£ºKids round table with 2 heart shaped chairs
Item Size£ºtable 60(D) x 50(H)cm chair 32(W) x 34(D) x 57.5(H)cm
Item No.£ºXT9-25
Description£ºKids 1 table and 2 chairs (K.D.)
Item Size£ºtable 56(W) x 48(D) x 49.5(H)cm chair 30(W) x 31(D) x 57(H)cm
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