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Children's Furniture
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Item No.£ºXT96-14
Description£ºSolid Wood Bars With Hemp Rope
Item Size£ºD2.2x30CM(5pcs bars)
Item No.£ºXT96-18
Description£ºSolid Wooden Bars with Hemp Ropes
Item Size£ºD2.2X30CM;D2.2X35CM;D2.2X40CM
Item No.£ºXT96-201
Description£ºSolid Wooden Bar With Nylon Rope
Item Size£ºD3.2x54CM
Item No.£ºXT96-202
Description£ºSolid Wood With Hemp Rope
Item Size£º40X11X1.6CM
Item No.£ºXT96-6
Description£ºSolid Wood With Hemp/Nylon Rope
Item Size£º40X14X1.2CM
Item No.£ºXT96-9
Description£ºSolid wood with hemp rope
Item Size£º48X15X1.1CM
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